Harriet and Dexter enjoying muddy dog walking

Dog walk in the Dales

A Dog Walk in The Dales!

Archie and Dexter with Harriet, The Pet Shop Ripon

Last weekend, we had a trip to The Dales to see my brother and his family. Archie and Dexter are always very happy to see their human cousins. Inevitably it means extra pats but even better, extra treats!

Harriet my 5 year old niece, was desperate to take one of the boys for a walk. She couldn’t remember their names, so they were renamed ‘red’ or ‘black’ according to their lead colour. Dexter the ‘red dog’ was the lucky one on this occasion!

Harriet was such a professional dog handler and took her new role very seriously. Dexter seemed to recognise he had a very young lady leading him and took his role very seriously too! He trotted along so beautifully, in fact far better than he ever does for me!

Harriet and Dexter dog on their muddy walk, The Pet Shop Ripon

We walked from Austick to Feizor, across muddy fields and along even muddier paths. The whole walk was about 4 miles which was perfect on a damp chilly Sunday. A stop at Elaine’s cafe in Feizor was the icing on the cake, lovely coffee and rather delicious soup. Thoroughly recommended!

Dexter and Harriet enjoying a nice dog walk, the Pet Shop Ripon

The weather got worse as we walked back down to Austwick and we ended up with two very muddy dogs (and an even muddier little girl). It was at this point Harriet decided her dog walking responsibilities were finished! She did however suggest we put the dogs in her bath, which would have been an excellent idea, had it not been for the cream carpet we would have had to walk along to get there!