Archie and Dexter Spaniels The Pet Shop Ripon


We were not amused last week.

Firstly, mum rudely likened us to a couple of sheep, then we over heard words such as ‘groomers’, ‘haircuts’ and ‘bath’. At no point did we hear our favourite words like ‘treats’ or ‘biscuits’!

Dexter and Archie before hair cuts The Pet Shop Ripon

As we were put into the car on that dreaded day, our initial thoughts were exciting walkies. However, it soon became apparent we were not going for exciting walkies, but going for very unexciting makeovers. From memory, this involved copious amounts of sweet baby smelling shampoo and sickly girly scented doggie cologne. We could hardly wait!

Archie with all his fur after his haircut!

We arrived at the lovely Kaths house.  Mum thinks she’s lovely – we thought so too, until we were plonked into the shower! Two hours later there was a pile of orange roan fur on the floor and two rather unamused slimmer, shivering, bald Spaniels waiting to be laughed at by all the other dogs in town!

We were so happy when mum arrived to rescue us. Why on earth she insisted on a photo shoot before we could escape, we don’t know. We did however reluctantly oblige when we saw a treat waved in front of us 😂

Dexter and Archie after haircuts. the Pet Shop Ripon