Syrian hamster looking at the camera, the pet shop Ripon


We have three rather cute hamsters in the shop at the moment. Apparently they’re called Syrian hamsters. Their litter mates have all gone to their new homes and these three are hoping to find theirs very soon.

We’ve asked if we can take them all home but mum says no! Apparently with our prey drive it wouldn’t be fair. We don’t understand this at all!

This is our favourite. She loves to hide in her castle and play peek a boo.

Syrian hamster looking at the camera, the pet shop Ripon

Syrian hamster playing in her castle, the Pet Shop Ripon

Hamsters are very different to us (apart from their obvious size difference!) Whenever we arrive at the shop they are asleep.  Why on earth would you be asleep during the day? Just think about the number of treats we would miss out on, if we did this! Yikes, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

Grey Syrian Hamster The Pet Shop Ripon

This little hamster loves his tunnel. Maybe if we pester mum, she could get us a big version!

We are not allowed to help when it’s cage cleaning time, which is Dexters fault. He loves to  climb in to boxes and when he did this in the box of shavings, he made such a mess everywhere. Mum did pull a very strange face – I don’t think it was a happy one!

We have lots of leaflets about caring for hamsters, if any of our readers are interested. Just ask!