Archie and Dexter Bamburgh Beach Northumberland

Archie and Dexter’s holiday in Northumberland.

Archie and I (and our humans), have just returned from a fabulous few days in Northumberland.

We stayed in beautiful cottage in the little town of Rothbury, thanks to our human brother-in-law’s family – who lent us their house!

We had a wonderful time exploring the area. The beaches were amazing and we couldn’t get enough of them! To think there was all that sand just for us to dig in……amazing!

Archie and Dexter digging on the beach

One day Archie tried to bury one of mum’s shoes! However much to his disappointment, she noticed just at the last minute and managed to rescue it!

Archie and Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripon on the beach at Embleton Northumberland

All the beaches we visited were very dog friendly, huge and very quiet. There was enough room for everyone to have their own little bit!

Almouth Beach, Archie and Dexter The Pet Shop Ripon

Archie and I have never had so much exercise in the three days we were there. Mum had us up at the crack of dawn each day. Her excuse was she kept waking up early as it was so light – we think it was excitement as she just couldn’t  wait to get on the sandy beaches!

Archie catching a ball on Bamburgh Beach Northumberland

Our days on the beachwent something like this:-

Run around – ✅

Play ball – ✅

Dig in the sand – ✅

Paddle – ✅

Repeat – ✅

Of course there was the odd snack and nap thrown in too!

Archie playing ball on the beach

At the end of each day – the humans were so tired, we decided we would let them rest. We were so bored watching them sit doing nothing, we fell fast asleep (it obviously had nothing to with the fact that our little legs couldn’t take anymore!)

Archie and Dexter asleep after a day on the beach

Archie and I agree this has been the best few days away in a long time. We are already planning our next trip – so watch this space!

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