Dexter with snow on his face


Can we first of all wish everyone a belated, very  Happy New Year and thank you for the support you have given our little shop.

It seems a while since we last posted on our blog but with the Christmas rush and other things getting in the way, there just doesn’t seem to have been the time! Apologies!

Obviously Archie and I had a wonderful Christmas. We were thoroughly spoiled with lots of treats, a huge soft turkey (sadly not edible) and a large soft ball (amongst other things which we also claimed as ours!).

However, the highlight of December had to be our snow day!!!

Archie and Dexter are playing in the snow December 2017

Archie and I have seen many pictures of our doggie friends all over the country, enjoying days of happiness in the white stuff, which seems to have bypassed us each time. Except for one day at the end of December – when it finally arrived!

Archie and Dexter 2 cocker spaniels from The Pet Shop Ripon are playing in the snow

We certainly made the most of it!

Mum took us out for walks upon walks and we had so much fun. The smells were so different and we loved rubbing our faces in the snow to enjoy every sniff.

Archie, Cocker Spaniel, The Pet Shop Ripon, North Yorkshire, playing in the snow

Luckily our human wasn’t working that day – so there was no panicking about driving out of our village on the rather snow covered roads!

Dexter with snow on his face

We had the best day ever!

Sadly, all good things come to an end. The following day the beautiful fresh snow had turned into a wet slushy mess!

Fingers crossed for more another time!

Dexter the cocker Spaniel is pulling faces in the snow!