Archie and Dexter on walkies, The Pet Shop Ripon

Winter and haircuts!

Good morning to all our lovely readers.

We recently had  haircuts again! We were not too happy as it’s apparently still the middle of winter. Haircuts means wearing coats, but the human says it’s much easier to dry us off when we get wet, which also means we do end up staying warmer!

Archie and Dexter cocker spaniels looking very bald after haircuts!

Do we look happy about it?! No!

Archie and Dexter cocker spaniels, staying warm wrapped up in their blanket

Do we look happy about being snuggled up in a nice warm fleece?! Yes! We are even falling asleep. Maybe there are some perks after all.

Spring, you are welcome to make an appearance very soon – we can’t wait for warmer days, blue skies, light mornings and lighter evenings. On that note, we are now going into dreamland…..😴😴