Archie and Dexter spaniels enjoying the snow

We were warned a ‘Beast’ was on its way. The thing was, Archie and I didn’t have a clue what they meant by the Beast. We were just worried this Beast would try and steal our treats! Happily, the Beast didn’t steal our treats, even better – it brought us snow (from the East!)

Archie and Dexter spaniels enjoying the snow

We were more than happy to have snow again. Archie and I LOVE the snow. It has different smells and there’s nothing better than sticking your nose deep into the snow for a good old sniff!

Dexter cocker spaniel enjoying the snow

That is also when you end up looking like you’ve had a lovely snow face mask!

Archie cocker spaniel with a face full of snow

The snow also gives us the zoomies. We get terribly excited and run riot in the field. Even I have a good old run!

The weather was very, very cold and Mum insisted we wear our coats. I mean why?? We are both tough Spaniels with our own fur coats – why did we need another coat? However, being the good little boys we are, we gracefully wore our coats for walkies in the snow!

Archie cocker spaniel enjoying the snow

I have to say our coats were rather toasty when we were working in the shop. The shop is very, very cold – just like the snow! We stayed warm in our bed snuggled up to each other, coats on, next to the radiator. Mum said she wished she could have joined us!

Dexter cocker spaniel wearing his coat in the snow

Five days on, and the snow is now melting. Could Spring finally be on its way? We hope so!


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