Archie and Dexter cocker spaniels The Pet Shop Ripon

Hello everyone.

As mum hasn’t  given you an Archie and Dexter update for a while – we thought we’d better drop by and let you know how we are doing!

Archie and Dexter cocker spaniels The Pet Shop Ripon


Well, we were both abandoned recently, while mum jetted off to somewhere far away. To be fair, a good friend of hers moved into our house for 2 weeks and fed us lots of yummy treats, so it wasn’t all bad!

It was so exciting when she returned home, we gave her SO many face licks, she was wet through!

Archie Orange Roan cocker spaniel

Now we are back at work and holidays seem a distant memory! We’ve been having lovely lunchtime walks at Ripon Spa Gardens, which is looking so lovely and colourful at the moment.

Mum tried to get us to pose, while sitting on a rock – obviously, we had other ideas!

Dexter orange roan cocker spaniel

Archie and Dexter cocker spaniels from The Pet Shop Ripon

We do like to make her work for a picture!

Archie and Dexter cocker Spaniels The Pet Shop Ripon

It’s coming up to the bank holiday weekend and we are having Sunday and Monday off work – yippee. However, our little shop will be open as usual on Saturday and 11am-3pm on Sunday and Monday.


We look forward to catching up with you all again soon.