Archie and Sparrow cocker spaniels

Hello everyone!

We are just checking in, to say another big thank you for supporting us during these challenging times. We really appreciate it.

Hopefully over the next few weeks, our hours will be extended – gradually helping us get back to some kind of normality. We will continue to restrict customer numbers in the shop and continue to follow Covid secure practises. The virus has not gone away, so we all need to remain sensible.

On another note, Archie has enjoyed being back working in the shop. Despite the fact he is supposed to be on ‘my’ side of the gate with me, he often manages to sneak out and help himself to a treat or two. His new favourite quick steal, are the J R Pet Products Pure Meat Coins. They are at a great height for the nose of a Cocker Spaniel and totally yummy!

Archie cocker spaniel carrying his dinosaur

Sadly, Sparrow can’t cope with being at the shop at the moment. She gets very stressed and anxious when she sees another dog and can then be rather grumpy with Archie later in the day. She stays at home with someone and is reunited with Archie, when we’ve finished work. During the day, she finds Archie tolerable! Its just the evenings we can have a few grumbles (depending how stressed she’s been earlier on). However, we are getting good at reading her body language, so can preempt a lot of situations. Treats help!

Sparrow Red Cocker Spaniel

Taking on a rescue dog is never an easy task and I’ll be the first to admit I have been on the brink of tears a number of times with Sparrow. I’ve felt judged on occasion, for her reactivity, as if it’s totally my fault. I’ve even had people walk up to us with their dog when I’m trying to walk away, (and she’s wearing a ‘reactive dog’ lead!)  We have the support of a lovely behaviourist, who is helping us with Sparrow. We know its not going to be easy journey but we are determined to ‘get there’ eventually!

Wish us luck. We will keep you posted.

Love from Jane, Archie and Sparrow.Archie and Sparrow cocker spaniels