Sparrow with her Lickimat and grated Anco Pate

We are now stocking Anco Pate for dogs and its proving very popular. You can dice, slice, spread, stuff and form it, which means it has a multitude of uses! My rescue girl Sparrow loves it! It can be cubed for training treats, stuffed into Kongs, spread onto LickiMats and even grated and added to kibble!

It has added Chia and Herbs for strength, endurance, digestion and immune system and is also naturally rich in Omega 3 and vitamins and minerals.

Why not try some soon!

Picture of Anco pates
Anco Pate
Anco pate after having been grated
Great for grating!
Pictures of Anco Pate and Sparrow with a Lickimat covered with Anco Pate.
Sparrow enjoying her LickiMat with Anco Pate