We always love our walks, even more so in the Spring. Everything is just starting to bloom – especially our fur!!

Dexter and Archie I. Ripon Spa Gardens

The colours are spectacular. The above photo was taken in Ripon Spa Gardens. Ripon Spa Gardens is a lovely amenity for families in Ripon. It’s a small park, but has a cafe, a crazy golf course, a bowling green and an exciting Green Man trail for the whole family. We often walk down to the park for a breath of fresh air and to stretch our legs at lunchtime. The best thing is, it’s minutes away from our little shop.

Archie and Dexter sitting by the flowers in the park

So, here we are again in the same park a week later, after we’d been subjected to the clippers again!

Dexter by the beautiful blossom trees

Closer to home, we have a lovely walk which has an abundance of blossom trees. They line the field and look incredible.  Archie runs around like a young puppy, while I wait patiently for the human to take the photo and give me a treat!

Dexter enjoying a sunny Spring walk

Sunny Spring walks are just the best and we hope wherever you might be walking, you have a wonderful time.


Information about our Raffle for charities

We have a raffle running at the moment, with some really lovely prizes. These have kindly been donated by some of our fabulous suppliers.

Poster showing raffle prizes

Tickets are £1 each and all proceeds will be split between 2 local charities.

SYD – Saving Yorkshire’s Dogs

and HAPPY – Hedgehog Appreciation Prickly Pals Yorkshire.

The raffle will be drawn on Sunday 13th May at Bedale Dogfest organised by SYD.

Prizes will need to be collected from either Bedale Dogfest, or from

The Pet Shop, 13 Old Market Place, Ripon HG4 1EQ


Many thanks to the following suppliers who have kindly donated products for our raffle.

FrontlineUK, BurnsPetNutrition, Hills,  Forthglade, PlaqueOff


We were very lucky to be asked by the PlaqueOff team, to try out their Dental Care Bones. As we already use the PlaqueOff powder, mum was very interested in these bones to help keep our teeth sparkling!

Archie and Dexter and PlaqueOff dental bones

ProDen PlaqueOff® Dental Bones are dog chews with the proven PlaqueOff® Powder as one of the ingredients. Used daily, this natural product made with kelp can significantly complement ordinary dental hygiene. It can help to clean teeth, freshen breath and reduce plaque and tartar by abrasive action.

The bones come in 4 great flavours – the one we road tested was vegetable fusion. Mum was slightly concerned  we may not like the flavour (as we’re proper meat loving lads), but she need not have worried. As soon as the packet was open, we were straight in there helping ourselves!

Archie cocker spaniel helping himself to a PlaqueOff dental bone

It’s safe to say, we both loved them and are hoping she will start stocking them in the shop!

These bones are grain free and gluten free and suitable for dogs over 6 months of age.

However they are NOT RECOMMENDED FOR DOGS WITH HYPERTHYROIDISM without seeking veterinary advice first.

Dexter cocker spaniel enjoying his PlaqueOff Dental bone

We can certainly give you the paws 🐾 up for this product. Mum is happy too,  as it’s saving her money on vets bills by us not having to have our teeth scaled and polished!!


We were warned a ‘Beast’ was on its way. The thing was, Archie and I didn’t have a clue what they meant by the Beast. We were just worried this Beast would try and steal our treats! Happily, the Beast didn’t steal our treats, even better – it brought us snow (from the East!)

Archie and Dexter spaniels enjoying the snow

We were more than happy to have snow again. Archie and I LOVE the snow. It has different smells and there’s nothing better than sticking your nose deep into the snow for a good old sniff!

Dexter cocker spaniel enjoying the snow

That is also when you end up looking like you’ve had a lovely snow face mask!

Archie cocker spaniel with a face full of snow

The snow also gives us the zoomies. We get terribly excited and run riot in the field. Even I have a good old run!

The weather was very, very cold and Mum insisted we wear our coats. I mean why?? We are both tough Spaniels with our own fur coats – why did we need another coat? However, being the good little boys we are, we gracefully wore our coats for walkies in the snow!

Archie cocker spaniel enjoying the snow

I have to say our coats were rather toasty when we were working in the shop. The shop is very, very cold – just like the snow! We stayed warm in our bed snuggled up to each other, coats on, next to the radiator. Mum said she wished she could have joined us!

Dexter cocker spaniel wearing his coat in the snow

Five days on, and the snow is now melting. Could Spring finally be on its way? We hope so!


Good morning to all our lovely readers.

We recently had  haircuts again! We were not too happy as it’s apparently still the middle of winter. Haircuts means wearing coats, but the human says it’s much easier to dry us off when we get wet, which also means we do end up staying warmer!

Archie and Dexter cocker spaniels looking very bald after haircuts!

Do we look happy about it?! No!

Archie and Dexter cocker spaniels, staying warm wrapped up in their blanket

Do we look happy about being snuggled up in a nice warm fleece?! Yes! We are even falling asleep. Maybe there are some perks after all.

Spring, you are welcome to make an appearance very soon – we can’t wait for warmer days, blue skies, light mornings and lighter evenings. On that note, we are now going into dreamland…..😴😴

Can we first of all wish everyone a belated, very  Happy New Year and thank you for the support you have given our little shop.

It seems a while since we last posted on our blog but with the Christmas rush and other things getting in the way, there just doesn’t seem to have been the time! Apologies!

Obviously Archie and I had a wonderful Christmas. We were thoroughly spoiled with lots of treats, a huge soft turkey (sadly not edible) and a large soft ball (amongst other things which we also claimed as ours!).

However, the highlight of December had to be our snow day!!!

Archie and Dexter are playing in the snow December 2017

Archie and I have seen many pictures of our doggie friends all over the country, enjoying days of happiness in the white stuff, which seems to have bypassed us each time. Except for one day at the end of December – when it finally arrived!

Archie and Dexter 2 cocker spaniels from The Pet Shop Ripon are playing in the snow

We certainly made the most of it!

Mum took us out for walks upon walks and we had so much fun. The smells were so different and we loved rubbing our faces in the snow to enjoy every sniff.

Archie, Cocker Spaniel, The Pet Shop Ripon, North Yorkshire, playing in the snow

Luckily our human wasn’t working that day – so there was no panicking about driving out of our village on the rather snow covered roads!

Dexter with snow on his face

We had the best day ever!

Sadly, all good things come to an end. The following day the beautiful fresh snow had turned into a wet slushy mess!

Fingers crossed for more another time!

Dexter the cocker Spaniel is pulling faces in the snow!

Us boys would like to wish all our wonderful customers and our very special furry friends a very Happy Christmas.

Mum has been helping us get into the festive spirit! We hope you like our efforts…

Archie and Dexter are ready for Christmas The Pet Shop Ripon

Here were are showing off our Christmas tree. Although we didn’t help directly, we made sure were there to inspect everything which went on the tree!

Archie and Dexter sitting waiting for a treat by the Christmas tree

As if wearing Christmas bandanas wasn’t enough, mum found some silly head thing for us to wear too. Its a good job there were treats involved!

We find all the excitement of Christmas rather strange. The humans are running around in some kind of frenzy and new things keep appearing in the house. Cards, cards and more cards, fairly lights, silly decorations and lots of different shaped parcels (which apparently are not all for us!). We remember from last year however, someone old man called Santa called on Christmas Eve and left us some presents. Mum says if we’re good boys – he might come again this year……!

Dexter has a dog friendly chocolate bauble,in his mouth.

Oops, it may be too late for one dog! Someone helped himself a bauble off the Christmas tree – Dexter dog!! It was made out of dog friendly chocolate, so it was obviously for us….silly humans, I’ve not idea what all the fuss was about!

Anyway. however you spend your Christmas, we hope its a paw-some one!

Archie and Dexter



Mum has been really busy, trying to get the shop ready for Christmas.

Last Sunday she decided to get the Christmas window display done. This is not the easiest of tasks as there is only a very narrow space to work in. There was a bit of muttering about her bottom being too big and she couldn’t fit, which we thought was rather amusing. Anyway, after a good couple of hours of rearranging, tidying, rearranging again and sweeping up copious amounts of glitter and bits of tinsel, the window was done!

The Christmas window at The Pet Shop Ripon

Of course, we had to be involved as usual and helped mum by standing posing in front of the window! Treats were involved!

Archie and Dexter

We have had a good look at ALL the lovely Christmas toys and gifts for dogs, and have already made our choices.  A turkey for me (Dexter) and a snowman for Archie. Oh and of course plenty of yummy Christmas treats.

Christmas products for dogs.

We are opening late on Thursday November 23rd – so why not pop in with your pawrents and choose your own Christmas present! There will be lots of snacksies for all our four legged friends (and maybe chocolates for our other human friends).

The Christmas window at The Pet Shop Ripon

We have had such a busy few weeks, so apologies for the lack of posts!

A little while ago, mum was contacted by an Instagram friend from Italy. The lady had a daughter who wished to visit our country, in order to improve her English – and did she know of anyone able to help?

Yes of course she did……US!

Yes…..our family!

Fast forward a couple of months and Clara arrived from Turin to stay with us for two weeks!!

Clara has a Spaniel called Argo, who looks like a darker version of us. As we knew she would be missing Argo, we thought we’d better make her feel at home straight away, with lots of doggy kisses and cuddles!

Archie and Dexter with Clara from Italy

We had the most lovely time with Clara.

We took her to the beach, on probably one of the coldest days of the year (she’s not used to going to the beach wearing a coat!). Us boys didn’t mind, we had the best time ever, with extra humans to play with us.

Archie and Dexter playing on the beach


Dexter and Archie Spaniels on the beach

We showed her some of our local walks……lots of places of interest (aka all the best bushes to sniff)……all the yummy doggy treats we get in England, (a pizzle caused the most amusement!) and most of all, we showed her lots of Spaniel love!

Dexter with Clara

We had the most wonderful time and made a new forever friend.

Cuddles with Dexter

Sadly after two weeks, Clara had to return to Italy to her own family and Argo, but we know we will see her again sometime.

Archie and our visitor from Italy

Ciao Clara xx

We are just wondering where summer has gone! It’s either hot, hot, hot, or wet, wet wet!

Today was the latter. Soggy doggys yet again!

Wet Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripon

Please hurry up and come back sunshine…

Soggy wet Archie and Dexter Spaniels the Pet Shop Ripon

Us boys are fed up of looking like drowned rats!