One sunny lumchtime last week, mum arranged for us to have a mini photo shoot with her friend Suzanne. Suzanne is a very clever artistic lady, who is a whizz with a camera.

So armed with pocketfuls of sausages, we were marched down to Paddys Park on the edge of town in Ripon. Archie and I were very relieved to find there were no other local mutts there. It could have been rather embarrassing  for them to see us posing like wallies, all in the name of love (of sausages).

Lying down…

Archie and Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripon, Cocker Spaniels

Standing up….

Archie and Dexter The Pet Shop Ripon


Dexter Cocker Spaniel, the Pet Shop Ripon

More posing…

Archie, Cocker Spaniel, the Pet Shop Ripon

We were very good boys. Suzanne managed to take millions of photos, mum was very happy and we were rewarded well! It was certainly worth every minute for those sweet tasty sausages. In fact if possible Archie and I would like to do it all again tomorrow!!

We’ve had a wonderful Easter Monday! Mum took us to a fabulous place just out of Ripon, called Druid Temple. We had a lovely long walk but had to stay on our leads, as there are ground nesting birds at this time of year. Being Spaniels, we tend to show quite an interest in birds, so it was probably a safe bet!

Dexter and Archie at The Druid Temple, Masham

There was so much to explore. From strange piles of rocks stacked in interesting shapes, to new woodland friends. The new woodland friends were very boring – they just sat in their little boxes and didn’t seem to want to play!

Dexter saying hello to a woodland friend, Swinton Bivouac

Apparently, after a couple of hours, we had walked our little legs off (according to the humans). This was a rather weird statement, as we both still had all four legs. However, it did seemed to coincide with them ‘needing’ a coffee, so we think it might have been an excuse on their part!

Dexter exploring at Druid Temple Masham

We had one more look at the strange stone things, then off we went in the car for a magical mystery tour! We had just nodded off peacefully, when we came to an abrupt stop. The humans had found themselves a coffee shop/ice cream parlour!

We were very excited, jumped out of the car quite happily and took up our position beside the weakest human. The weakest human is the one we know will give us the most treats! We know coffee shops = treats!

Dexter the spaniel loving eating his ice cream

We weren’t wrong! Archie and I were well rewarded with empty ice cream cornets – which were absolutely delicious! Yum!

Archie eating an ice cream cone, the Pet Shop Ripon

Roll on the next Bank Holiday and another very special day out!

Why on earth do our humans think we like to dress up, or wear silly things on our heads? The things us canines have to do in the name of love! We are no exception. As soon as we saw two pairs of rabbit ears in the garden, we knew we were in trouble!

Arche and Dexter cocker spaniels The Pet Shop Ripon

Archie and I tried so hard not to be turned into Easter bunnies. Why on earth would we pretend to be one, when we’d much rather be chasing one! The ears went on, then somehow fell off – until we spotted something which was to change our minds…

Archie and Dexter with Easter bunny ears, The Pet Shop Ripon

That something was a rather delicious sausage. Mum could have dressed us in anything after that! We knew if we sat still for a couple of pictures, we would be well rewarded with our favourite treat. On this occasion the yummy sausage was certainly worth the embarassment of looking like complete fools, for a couple of minutes! We only hope none of our friends ever see this post!!!

Last weekend, Archie and I took the humans for a lovely long walk round the fields in Thornborough. The weather was most peculiar. It was like walking in all four seasons. We were warm then cool, dry then wet and most definitely windswept!

Dexter on his walk

Archie and I found one puddle during our walk and of course had to have a little paddle. A paddle in a puddle! I even found some mud. There’s something joyful about being in mud, even the smallest amount.

Archie and Dexter and a muddy puddle, THe Pet Shop Ripon

Mum was very pleased I managed to stay so clean (I don’t think she noticed my paws!).

Dexter on walkies, Thornborough, North Yorkshire

We saw some beautiful rainbows in the distance. Archie wouldn’t stay still long enough for mum to take a photograph of him under the rainbow. Obviously I willingly obliged, in exchange for a biscuit!

Dexter and a rainbow, Thornborough, North Yorkshire

Archie and I love going for walks. In fact, if we had our way we would be out walking all day, every day. Unfortunately our humans can’t help us with this just yet, apparently they have ‘other stuff’ to do – like work, gardening and housework! One day……

Rainbow over fields in Thornborough, North Yorkshire

Until then, we will await more walkies another time!




We have three rather cute hamsters in the shop at the moment. Apparently they’re called Syrian hamsters. Their litter mates have all gone to their new homes and these three are hoping to find theirs very soon.

We’ve asked if we can take them all home but mum says no! Apparently with our prey drive it wouldn’t be fair. We don’t understand this at all!

This is our favourite. She loves to hide in her castle and play peek a boo.

Syrian hamster looking at the camera, the pet shop Ripon

Syrian hamster playing in her castle, the Pet Shop Ripon

Hamsters are very different to us (apart from their obvious size difference!) Whenever we arrive at the shop they are asleep.  Why on earth would you be asleep during the day? Just think about the number of treats we would miss out on, if we did this! Yikes, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

Grey Syrian Hamster The Pet Shop Ripon

This little hamster loves his tunnel. Maybe if we pester mum, she could get us a big version!

We are not allowed to help when it’s cage cleaning time, which is Dexters fault. He loves to  climb in to boxes and when he did this in the box of shavings, he made such a mess everywhere. Mum did pull a very strange face – I don’t think it was a happy one!

We have lots of leaflets about caring for hamsters, if any of our readers are interested. Just ask!

We were not amused last week.

Firstly, mum rudely likened us to a couple of sheep, then we over heard words such as ‘groomers’, ‘haircuts’ and ‘bath’. At no point did we hear our favourite words like ‘treats’ or ‘biscuits’!

Dexter and Archie before hair cuts The Pet Shop Ripon

As we were put into the car on that dreaded day, our initial thoughts were exciting walkies. However, it soon became apparent we were not going for exciting walkies, but going for very unexciting makeovers. From memory, this involved copious amounts of sweet baby smelling shampoo and sickly girly scented doggie cologne. We could hardly wait!

Archie with all his fur after his haircut!

We arrived at the lovely Kaths house.  Mum thinks she’s lovely – we thought so too, until we were plonked into the shower! Two hours later there was a pile of orange roan fur on the floor and two rather unamused slimmer, shivering, bald Spaniels waiting to be laughed at by all the other dogs in town!

We were so happy when mum arrived to rescue us. Why on earth she insisted on a photo shoot before we could escape, we don’t know. We did however reluctantly oblige when we saw a treat waved in front of us 😂

Dexter and Archie after haircuts. the Pet Shop Ripon



A Dog Walk in The Dales!

Archie and Dexter with Harriet, The Pet Shop Ripon

Last weekend, we had a trip to The Dales to see my brother and his family. Archie and Dexter are always very happy to see their human cousins. Inevitably it means extra pats but even better, extra treats!

Harriet my 5 year old niece, was desperate to take one of the boys for a walk. She couldn’t remember their names, so they were renamed ‘red’ or ‘black’ according to their lead colour. Dexter the ‘red dog’ was the lucky one on this occasion!

Harriet was such a professional dog handler and took her new role very seriously. Dexter seemed to recognise he had a very young lady leading him and took his role very seriously too! He trotted along so beautifully, in fact far better than he ever does for me!

Harriet and Dexter dog on their muddy walk, The Pet Shop Ripon

We walked from Austick to Feizor, across muddy fields and along even muddier paths. The whole walk was about 4 miles which was perfect on a damp chilly Sunday. A stop at Elaine’s cafe in Feizor was the icing on the cake, lovely coffee and rather delicious soup. Thoroughly recommended!

Dexter and Harriet enjoying a nice dog walk, the Pet Shop Ripon

The weather got worse as we walked back down to Austwick and we ended up with two very muddy dogs (and an even muddier little girl). It was at this point Harriet decided her dog walking responsibilities were finished! She did however suggest we put the dogs in her bath, which would have been an excellent idea, had it not been for the cream carpet we would have had to walk along to get there!

Archie, cocker spaniel, sittiing in dog bed, the Pet Shop Ripon

Mum said we could both have a new bed (ours are falling apart – I have no idea why!!). I thought this one would be perfect but for some reason mum said no.


Dexter watching the fish, The Pet Shop RiponI love watching the fish. I think I do a really good job, making sure they don’t escape. My favourite are the Angel fish, they are so beautiful and so slow. I get more chance to study them carefully!

The Pet Shop Ripon, North Yorkshire

I love my job as product tester. I got to try out the new dog crates the other day – without even being asked! I was slightly surprised there wasn’t a soft fluffy cushion inside – if there had been one, I would have stayed ‘testing’ it all day!