We have some amazing Christmas toys and treats for your four legged friends – but when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Christmas Dog toys

Here’s just a small selection!

Christmas dog toys
Who knows what will happen over the next few weeks, so starting shopping early might be a sensible thing!

Kong Christmas dog toys

The Pet Shop has been getting into the Christmas spirit and we have changed our window display, to ‘Winter Wonderland’. It’s not the easiest window to dress, having a depth of 12” maximum. (I simply don’t fit!) But with a bit of huffing and puffing, it is finally done. We hope you like it.

Christmas window display

The Pet Shop Ripon, window display

We have plenty of Christmassy dog and cat toys and treats in the shop, from stockings to sprouts – there’s lots to choose from!

A selection of Christmas toys at The Pet Shop Ripon
Christmas toys at The Pet Shop RiponSqueaky Christmas dog toysChristmas toys at the Pet Shop Ripon
We also have plenty of gorgeous beds, cat posts and coats and jumpers, if you’re thinking about treating your four legged friend. Dexter has chosen these beds!

Dexter is loving the new bedsArchie wearing his alpine fleece
Archie has not chosen this Nordic fleece, judging by his face!


We have been doing a lot of modelling recently!

We have been very lucky boys. First of all, we were given an early Christmas present of two beautiful bandanas. They were sent to us by some very kind friends in Spain. There no mistaking who is who now! Aren’t they beautiful.

Archie and Dexter The Pet Shop Ripon, modelling their new bandanas

Then, one of Mums Instagram friends kindly knitted us two Santa Claus jumpers. Mum had seen them on Instagram and thought we would make fantastic Santa’s. We think we do too!

Archie and Dexter wearing their new Santa jumpers

We love modelling for mum. It always ends in a treat for us, so everyone is happy!

Archie and Dexter Spaniels wearing their new Santa jumpers

Look how proud we look!

Archie and Dexter Spaniels, waiting for Christmas

Here we are, waiting for Christmas! Please come to visit us Santa 🎅🏼

Christmas is getting closer!

Here at The Pet Shop, we have a fabulous selection of Christmas toys and treats for your four legged friends 🎅🏼 🎄

Christmas dog treats at The Pet Shop Ripon

Start with the ones easiest to buy for!

Treats and toys for dogs at The Pet Shop Ripon

Prices start at £1, so there is something for everyone!

More Christmas toys for you dogs at the Pet Shop Ripon

Dog Christmas toys at The Pet Shop Ripon

Christmas treats for your dogs at The Pet Shop Ripon

This is just a selection of what we have to offer. We small be small, but we are well and truly packed (you literally can’t move!!)

Mum has been really busy, trying to get the shop ready for Christmas.

Last Sunday she decided to get the Christmas window display done. This is not the easiest of tasks as there is only a very narrow space to work in. There was a bit of muttering about her bottom being too big and she couldn’t fit, which we thought was rather amusing. Anyway, after a good couple of hours of rearranging, tidying, rearranging again and sweeping up copious amounts of glitter and bits of tinsel, the window was done!

The Christmas window at The Pet Shop Ripon

Of course, we had to be involved as usual and helped mum by standing posing in front of the window! Treats were involved!

Archie and Dexter

We have had a good look at ALL the lovely Christmas toys and gifts for dogs, and have already made our choices.  A turkey for me (Dexter) and a snowman for Archie. Oh and of course plenty of yummy Christmas treats.

Christmas products for dogs.

We are opening late on Thursday November 23rd – so why not pop in with your pawrents and choose your own Christmas present! There will be lots of snacksies for all our four legged friends (and maybe chocolates for our other human friends).

The Christmas window at The Pet Shop Ripon