Dexter memory Of pictures

My beautiful boy

I sadly had to say goodbye to my precious boy Dexter, on 14th April. He had acute liver failure.

The pet shop ripon, pet shops ripon

Thief at large

Saying goodbye, was the hardest thing I’d ever had to do. He gave me 12 years of pure joy, laughter and love – I just wish he could have lived for ever.

Dexter product testing the new mattresses.

‘The saddest moment, is when the one who gave you the best memories, becomes a memory’.

Dexter cocker spaniel on summer walks through the wheat fields

Always such a happy pup

He was mischievous, greedy and a such a little character – he will be greatly missed by us all.

The Pet Shop Ripon, North Yorkshire

Perfect fit!

This beautiful little face will always be in my heart ❤️🌈💫 Run free my darling boy .

Angel Dexter

Angel Dexter 🌈


There are two years between myself (Dexter) and my brother from another mother, Archie.

From day one, I loved him, played with him and taught him everything he needed to know. Good and bad!

Archie and Dexter

Archie was my mini me and even looked like me. I remember THAT first day very well. Mum went out with my human sister and when they returned, she came over to me with a treat and gave me lots of kisses. Nothing unusual there, until the bundle of fluff my sister was carrying, was put in front of me. I was so excited.  Doing the full body wag I greeted my new brother with licks, sniffs and happiness- and fell in love.

Archie and Dexter The Pet Shop Ripon

We became best friends instantly. The rest is history. We are now 10 and 8 respectively, and hate to be apart even for a few minutes.  #brothers 💖



We have a great range of dog beds upstairs in our little pet shop.

Dexter particularly enjoys testing them out in the mornings. He’s our chief quality control woofficer!

Dexter making himself comfortable on the cushions at The Pet Shop Ripon

In fact a whole pile of them makes life even more comfy!

Do pop in and see our great selection!

We always love our walks, even more so in the Spring. Everything is just starting to bloom – especially our fur!!

Dexter and Archie I. Ripon Spa Gardens

The colours are spectacular. The above photo was taken in Ripon Spa Gardens. Ripon Spa Gardens is a lovely amenity for families in Ripon. It’s a small park, but has a cafe, a crazy golf course, a bowling green and an exciting Green Man trail for the whole family. We often walk down to the park for a breath of fresh air and to stretch our legs at lunchtime. The best thing is, it’s minutes away from our little shop.

Archie and Dexter sitting by the flowers in the park

So, here we are again in the same park a week later, after we’d been subjected to the clippers again!

Dexter by the beautiful blossom trees

Closer to home, we have a lovely walk which has an abundance of blossom trees. They line the field and look incredible.  Archie runs around like a young puppy, while I wait patiently for the human to take the photo and give me a treat!

Dexter enjoying a sunny Spring walk

Sunny Spring walks are just the best and we hope wherever you might be walking, you have a wonderful time.

The Pet Shop Ripon, North Yorkshire

I love my job as product tester. I got to try out the new dog crates the other day – without even being asked! I was slightly surprised there wasn’t a soft fluffy cushion inside – if there had been one, I would have stayed ‘testing’ it all day!