I can’t believe it’s August already. Where does the time go?

We’ve been enjoying a lovely summer so far. The weather has been kind to us, and we’ve had lots of lovely people and their 4 legged friends popping into the shop.

We respect everyones wishes with regard to wearing or not wearing a mask while they are shopping, but have decided to continue wearing them ourselves. We will also leave the perspex screen up for the time being. We would like all our customers to feel safe while in the shop and would like to protect ourselves as much as possible too.

After speaking to the local vets, we’ve been told there are a number of cases of kennel cough in our area at the moment. With this in mind, we have removed the doggy water bowl from outside the shop for the time being. Water however, is ALWAYS available – so please just ask. We can bring you out fresh water for your dog, or refill your water bottle as required. Hopefully this will only be a temporary situation.

We thank everyone for their continued support – we really appreciate it. Continue to stay safe and enjoy the summer.

Fountains Abbey

Archie and Dexter The Pet Shop RiponWe have had some wonderful weather recently, which means plenty of lovely walks.

Dexter playing in the field

The farmer has made a very handy path especially for us, so we can run through the barley- it’s so much fun.

Happy Archie the spaniel

It makes us smile so much!

Happy dogs in the barley fields

Smiling Archie and Dexter in the Barley fields

We’ve also had some very exciting play dates recently. First of all our good friend Lola came to play. We love having Lola as our friend. She’s sometimes quite fussy and leaves treats – so we follow her round, hoovering up anything she doesn’t want! There is NO way we would ever leave a treat!

Archie, Dexter and Lola on their walkies

Archie and Dexter The Pet Shop Ripon, with their friend Lola

Then we had another friend to play – Jess, the beautiful black Labrador. She is very different to Lola and ate her dinner and any treats in supersonic time! We thought we were fast eaters, but it was as if she was attached to a vacuum cleaner. We’ve never seen anything like it! Jess got all our toys out of the toy box and enjoyed playing with them. Although we were slightly worried, in case she ate them too!

Archie and Dexter enjoying walkies with their new Labrador friend Jess

Who knows how long this beautiful weather is going to last, but one thing for sure, is we are certainly making the most of it!