We do apologise again for the lack of updates, the time just passes all too quickly!

Its been a long wet winter, and we are so looking forward to Spring! Coats have been selling well this winter! Mum even had to buy us new coats, so we have one each at home and one to keep in the shop for wet walkies!

Archie and Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripon, playing in the snow

We think red is definitely our colour!

As usual, I have been doing a bit of product testing with the beds. I can safely say, they are all very comfy and I’d have any of them!

Dexter cocker Spaniel lying on the dog beds

We have recently had hair cuts! What mum was thinking when the weather has been so cold, we just don’t know! But at least our fur grows very quickly (and we’ve got our new coats to keep us warm in the shop!)

Sleepy dog

Dexter asleep on the bed


We hope you’ve all had a good start to the year. We will check back in again very soon.

Woofs and licks from Dexter and Archie.


We were very lucky to be asked by the PlaqueOff team, to try out their Dental Care Bones. As we already use the PlaqueOff powder, mum was very interested in these bones to help keep our teeth sparkling!

Archie and Dexter and PlaqueOff dental bones

ProDen PlaqueOff® Dental Bones are dog chews with the proven PlaqueOff® Powder as one of the ingredients. Used daily, this natural product made with kelp can significantly complement ordinary dental hygiene. It can help to clean teeth, freshen breath and reduce plaque and tartar by abrasive action.

The bones come in 4 great flavours – the one we road tested was vegetable fusion. Mum was slightly concerned  we may not like the flavour (as we’re proper meat loving lads), but she need not have worried. As soon as the packet was open, we were straight in there helping ourselves!

Archie cocker spaniel helping himself to a PlaqueOff dental bone

It’s safe to say, we both loved them and are hoping she will start stocking them in the shop!

These bones are grain free and gluten free and suitable for dogs over 6 months of age.

However they are NOT RECOMMENDED FOR DOGS WITH HYPERTHYROIDISM without seeking veterinary advice first.

Dexter cocker spaniel enjoying his PlaqueOff Dental bone

We can certainly give you the paws 🐾 up for this product. Mum is happy too,  as it’s saving her money on vets bills by us not having to have our teeth scaled and polished!!


Mum has been really busy, trying to get the shop ready for Christmas.

Last Sunday she decided to get the Christmas window display done. This is not the easiest of tasks as there is only a very narrow space to work in. There was a bit of muttering about her bottom being too big and she couldn’t fit, which we thought was rather amusing. Anyway, after a good couple of hours of rearranging, tidying, rearranging again and sweeping up copious amounts of glitter and bits of tinsel, the window was done!

The Christmas window at The Pet Shop Ripon

Of course, we had to be involved as usual and helped mum by standing posing in front of the window! Treats were involved!

Archie and Dexter

We have had a good look at ALL the lovely Christmas toys and gifts for dogs, and have already made our choices.  A turkey for me (Dexter) and a snowman for Archie. Oh and of course plenty of yummy Christmas treats.

Christmas products for dogs.

We are opening late on Thursday November 23rd – so why not pop in with your pawrents and choose your own Christmas present! There will be lots of snacksies for all our four legged friends (and maybe chocolates for our other human friends).

The Christmas window at The Pet Shop Ripon

We are just wondering where summer has gone! It’s either hot, hot, hot, or wet, wet wet!

Today was the latter. Soggy doggys yet again!

Wet Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripon

Please hurry up and come back sunshine…

Soggy wet Archie and Dexter Spaniels the Pet Shop Ripon

Us boys are fed up of looking like drowned rats!


As you know, we love going for walkies and today was no exception. The sun was shining and it was very hot. Clever mum decided to take us through the fields of oil seed rape, where there was plenty of shade!

Dexter cocker spaniel walking in the oil seed rape crops

We had so much fun. Archie led us through lots of special passageways, obviously made just for us! As mum couldn’t fit between the gaps, she just had to stand and watch! (Apparently her diet has now begun, so perhaps she’ll be running up and down with us in a few weeks, haha!)

Archie cocker spaniel, The Pet Shop Ripon

All that running around made us rather warm. Thank goodness good old mum had brought some water for us! We did wonder if there was food hidden in her rucksack too, but alas not appeared. Such a shame!

Dexter cocker spaniel, the Pet Shop ripon

These are our favourite kind of days. Sun, walks, drinks, rest, food, more food, more walks…. Of course the addition of food today, would have made our outing even better (not that we are food oriented at all!!)

Archie cocker spaniel, the Pet Shop Ripon

We’ve heard on the grapevine, mum is off work over the Bank Holiday weekend. How exciting!  We are keeping our paws crossed for nice weather ☀️ which will hopefully mean more nice walks. Watch this space!

One sunny lumchtime last week, mum arranged for us to have a mini photo shoot with her friend Suzanne. Suzanne is a very clever artistic lady, who is a whizz with a camera.

So armed with pocketfuls of sausages, we were marched down to Paddys Park on the edge of town in Ripon. Archie and I were very relieved to find there were no other local mutts there. It could have been rather embarrassing  for them to see us posing like wallies, all in the name of love (of sausages).

Lying down…

Archie and Dexter, The Pet Shop Ripon, Cocker Spaniels

Standing up….

Archie and Dexter The Pet Shop Ripon


Dexter Cocker Spaniel, the Pet Shop Ripon

More posing…

Archie, Cocker Spaniel, the Pet Shop Ripon

We were very good boys. Suzanne managed to take millions of photos, mum was very happy and we were rewarded well! It was certainly worth every minute for those sweet tasty sausages. In fact if possible Archie and I would like to do it all again tomorrow!!

We’ve had a wonderful Easter Monday! Mum took us to a fabulous place just out of Ripon, called Druid Temple. We had a lovely long walk but had to stay on our leads, as there are ground nesting birds at this time of year. Being Spaniels, we tend to show quite an interest in birds, so it was probably a safe bet!

Dexter and Archie at The Druid Temple, Masham

There was so much to explore. From strange piles of rocks stacked in interesting shapes, to new woodland friends. The new woodland friends were very boring – they just sat in their little boxes and didn’t seem to want to play!

Dexter saying hello to a woodland friend, Swinton Bivouac

Apparently, after a couple of hours, we had walked our little legs off (according to the humans). This was a rather weird statement, as we both still had all four legs. However, it did seemed to coincide with them ‘needing’ a coffee, so we think it might have been an excuse on their part!

Dexter exploring at Druid Temple Masham

We had one more look at the strange stone things, then off we went in the car for a magical mystery tour! We had just nodded off peacefully, when we came to an abrupt stop. The humans had found themselves a coffee shop/ice cream parlour!

We were very excited, jumped out of the car quite happily and took up our position beside the weakest human. The weakest human is the one we know will give us the most treats! We know coffee shops = treats!

Dexter the spaniel loving eating his ice cream

We weren’t wrong! Archie and I were well rewarded with empty ice cream cornets – which were absolutely delicious! Yum!

Archie eating an ice cream cone, the Pet Shop Ripon

Roll on the next Bank Holiday and another very special day out!

Why on earth do our humans think we like to dress up, or wear silly things on our heads? The things us canines have to do in the name of love! We are no exception. As soon as we saw two pairs of rabbit ears in the garden, we knew we were in trouble!

Arche and Dexter cocker spaniels The Pet Shop Ripon

Archie and I tried so hard not to be turned into Easter bunnies. Why on earth would we pretend to be one, when we’d much rather be chasing one! The ears went on, then somehow fell off – until we spotted something which was to change our minds…

Archie and Dexter with Easter bunny ears, The Pet Shop Ripon

That something was a rather delicious sausage. Mum could have dressed us in anything after that! We knew if we sat still for a couple of pictures, we would be well rewarded with our favourite treat. On this occasion the yummy sausage was certainly worth the embarassment of looking like complete fools, for a couple of minutes! We only hope none of our friends ever see this post!!!

Last weekend, Archie and I took the humans for a lovely long walk round the fields in Thornborough. The weather was most peculiar. It was like walking in all four seasons. We were warm then cool, dry then wet and most definitely windswept!

Dexter on his walk

Archie and I found one puddle during our walk and of course had to have a little paddle. A paddle in a puddle! I even found some mud. There’s something joyful about being in mud, even the smallest amount.

Archie and Dexter and a muddy puddle, THe Pet Shop Ripon

Mum was very pleased I managed to stay so clean (I don’t think she noticed my paws!).

Dexter on walkies, Thornborough, North Yorkshire

We saw some beautiful rainbows in the distance. Archie wouldn’t stay still long enough for mum to take a photograph of him under the rainbow. Obviously I willingly obliged, in exchange for a biscuit!

Dexter and a rainbow, Thornborough, North Yorkshire

Archie and I love going for walks. In fact, if we had our way we would be out walking all day, every day. Unfortunately our humans can’t help us with this just yet, apparently they have ‘other stuff’ to do – like work, gardening and housework! One day……

Rainbow over fields in Thornborough, North Yorkshire

Until then, we will await more walkies another time!




We have three rather cute hamsters in the shop at the moment. Apparently they’re called Syrian hamsters. Their litter mates have all gone to their new homes and these three are hoping to find theirs very soon.

We’ve asked if we can take them all home but mum says no! Apparently with our prey drive it wouldn’t be fair. We don’t understand this at all!

This is our favourite. She loves to hide in her castle and play peek a boo.

Syrian hamster looking at the camera, the pet shop Ripon

Syrian hamster playing in her castle, the Pet Shop Ripon

Hamsters are very different to us (apart from their obvious size difference!) Whenever we arrive at the shop they are asleep.  Why on earth would you be asleep during the day? Just think about the number of treats we would miss out on, if we did this! Yikes, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

Grey Syrian Hamster The Pet Shop Ripon

This little hamster loves his tunnel. Maybe if we pester mum, she could get us a big version!

We are not allowed to help when it’s cage cleaning time, which is Dexters fault. He loves to  climb in to boxes and when he did this in the box of shavings, he made such a mess everywhere. Mum did pull a very strange face – I don’t think it was a happy one!

We have lots of leaflets about caring for hamsters, if any of our readers are interested. Just ask!